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Ransomware is skyrocketing. In 2023, the rate of ransomware attacks rose to 64%, up from 55%, according to a Sophos survey.

Meanwhile, the OCC’s FY 2024 Outlook shows examiners are emphasizing ransomware response, especially recovery from disruptive attacks and strong incident response processes.

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Learn essential ransomware readiness tips in this new eBook, written by Gregory Crabb, former USPS CISO, Q2 advisor, and founder of 10-8, LLC, a cybersecurity firm known for tackling nation-state backed cyber aggression. Signal Hill Technologies and 10-8 have partnered to deliver this eBook and ransomware readiness services.

Don’t just respond to ransomware attacks, prevent them

The book, exclusively free for a limited time to ABA members, contains over 50 pages of hard-won advice from cybersecurity experts who have been involved in some of the toughest ransomware and cybersecurity challenges, from WannaCry, to international cyberextortionists, to national security incidents.


“After landing in Cyprus, I headed straight to the computer seized by the local police and into the midst of a digital storm….a US-based credit card processor’s network administrator’s actions had left it vulnerable to intrusion.”

page 17

“One of the most critical decisions in the wake of a ransomware attack is whether to pay the ransom. This decision isn’t just about recovering data—it’s about considering the long-term implications, such as funding criminal activity and the reliability of the data recovery. It’s not uncommon for a cybercriminal to demand a second ransom after a victim has paid the first. After all, they’ve proven they’re willing to pay up.”

page 34

With CISA’s new ransomware reporting requirements in effect, you’ll hear from a cybersecurity professional who created the agency’s annual operational plan and cybersecurity strategy.

You’ll master the art of incident response, get the keys to proper vulnerability assessment, and learn the steps to building a culture of cyber-resilience.

And you’ll get leadership tips, critical frameworks, case studies and steps you can take right now to protect your enterprise.


  • Introduction: Leadership Under Pressure
  • Chapter 1: The Ransomware Siege on Financial Institutions
  • Chapter 2: Lost in the Storm of a Cyber Attack
  • Chapter 3: Essential Leadership Traits for Navigating a Cyber Attack
  • Chapter 4: Mastering the Art of Incident Response
  • Chapter 5: Decision-Making Through a Ransomware Crisis
  • Chapter 6: Navigating CISA’s New Incident Reporting Requirements
  • Chapter 7: The Art of Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercises
  • Chapter 8: Conclusion: Elevating Cybersecurity through Strategic Assessments and Expert Consultations

Also included: the top five financial institution ransomware threats for 2024, identified through our proprietary analysis.

Don’t wait for a cyber incident to reveal the cracks in your security posture.

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