Application Security

A comprehensive approach to securing your portfolio of web applications and APIs.

Defend Your Ever-Evolving Software Assets

Digital transformation has organizations creating and upgrading software solutions at a faster pace in order to respond to customer needs and stay competitive. Couple this ever-changing software landscape with third-party integrations and on-premise legacy applications, the points of cyber vulnerability across an enterprise are growing and increasingly challenging to manage.

Application Security at Each SDLC Stage

Our agile, holistic application security testing model goes hand in hand with your software development process to ensure you can securely keep up with the speed of innovation – and reduce costs by capturing vulnerabilities upstream. We cover every aspect of software development, from training developers in security requirements, writing secure code to post-deployment security.

Protect Innovation by Protecting Your APIs

APIs help accelerate innovation across the enterprise, impacting partners, customers and employees – and providing a competitive advantage. However, they also create a wider attack surface across an enterprise of connected applications that includes potentially unvetted third-party solutions. We provide a comprehensive approach, built on proven practices, to help organizations assess and remedy exposed end points, sensitive data and application code that are at risk of being compromised.

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