Cloud Security

Securing your cloud strategy.

Manage the Risks of Your Cloud Environment

Enterprises are migrating to the cloud to increase operational efficiencies, improve customers experiences, facilitate better employee collaboration, and shorten software development releases. However, moving to the cloud has significant risks. Organizations need their cloud security programs to secure native cloud applications and their public cloud infrastructure. But many lack the skillset and tools to execute on it.

Cybersecurity That’s Aligned with Business Goals

Signal Hill Technologies helps clients securely migrate to and leverage the cloud as part of their business strategy. We create and implement security architectures that support and protect an enterprise’s business goals, while being agile enough to help CISOs adapt to new threats, evolving business priorities, and the speed of security vendor releases.

Securely Deploy and Manage High-Value Assets

Experienced in AWS, Azure, and Google cloud platforms, and a CSA Trusted Cloud Consultant, we’ve helped clients successfully navigate the complexities of securely deploying and managing high-value assets in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. We’ve also developed the architecture and security controls to support both production and non-production environments within the cloud, helping teams easily and securely develop, prototype, and test cloud-native capabilities without risk of interfering with business-critical IT operations.  The architecture can leverage core legacy services to sufficiently govern cloud developments, while also allowing for much faster development cycles.

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