Architecting Enterprise Cybersecurity

Solutions and Guidance to Reduce Cyber Threats

Signal Hill understands the risk companies face with emerging technologies and evolving cyber threats. Our comprehensive solutions, built on proven practices, help these organizations improve their security architecture – and better protect their business operations across the enterprise.

Application Security

An enterprise’s portfolio of web applications and APIs can help drive productivity and innovation. It can also lead to vulnerabilities in code bases exploited by sophisticated cyber treat actors. Discover Signal Hill’s comprehensive approach to securing web applications and APIs, helping organizations mitigate risk and move forward.

Cloud Security

As adopting the cloud becomes more of a strategic priority within enterprise organizations, many are facing the cybersecurity pains that come along with it. Forty-five percent of breaches have been cloud based, with the cost of them running into the millions each. Learn how Signal Hill helps support these organizations’ business goals by helping them securely migrate to and protect their presence in the cloud.

Security Architecture Optimization

Many enterprises do not have visibility into whether they are getting value from their complex, disparate security tech stack. Signal Hill helps organizations address this by creating a more unified and streamlined tech stack through its thorough integration capabilities and value-based evaluation of vendor solutions. Signal Hill also provides ongoing architectural, engineering, and operational support to ensure their investments are constantly protected. 

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