Security Architecture Optimization

Get the most out of your security tech stack investment.

Assessing Your Cyber Portfolio for Optimal Value

The cyber marketplace is complex and can transform faster than the budget and procurement cycles at most large organizations. Signal Hill provides an independent, unbiased methodology to assess the effectiveness of an organization’s cyber investments; informing executive decision-making and helping to maximize the return on cyber investments. This approach helps enterprises define a roadmap toward an optimal portfolio of technology solutions based on their unique priorities.

Integrating Your Disparate Toolset

Most enterprises own at least 20 “best-of-breed” security tools including endpoint, identity, network, applications, data security and more. The siloed nature of typical deployments adds to the complexity of the environment, making holistic visibility and governance a challenge. Signal Hill Technologies helps to unify discrete capabilities into a coherent security architecture and workflow, increasing value and efficiency, improving visibility and control, and reducing cyber risks across the enterprise.

Engineering and Operational Support

Effective cybersecurity requires experienced talent and leadership. Signal Hill’s expertise covers all aspects of cybersecurity engineering and operations, and we excel in directing technical teams to successful outcomes.  Let Signal Hill complement your team with subject matter experts for short-term or long-term engagements including cyber technology deployments, program development and training, risk assessments, threat hunting, incident response, post-breach investigations, and project management.

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